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Strategizing like a badass! 7 things you need to successfully share your business with the world.

Whether you're just getting started or you've been around the block, there's no wrong time to work on creating or refining your plan of action.

Tip: Build a marketing strategy that will support you in reaching your business goals. 

Set yourself up to win by not over-promising yourself. By setting up a strategy that you can reasonably accomplish, you'll avoid the frustration and roadblocks that happen when we 'shoot for the stars' without preparing to get there.  

To strategize like a badass, you need to consider some key things:

  • Your business and personal vision

  • Your people and what they need

  • Your data and results

  • Your content and how it supports your business growth

  • Your plan and what actions you will take to reach your goals

  • Your complete vision and how you'll manage it

When you get to know your business and personal vision, your everyday actions can completely align with your goals, needs, and wants. And when you understand your people and what they need you can effectively speak to them and create an experience they will love.

As you execute your strategy, remember to check your data. The data will act as a roadmap with a key to your results. By taking the time to review what you have done, you can see what has worked (or not) to better address the needs of your audience and improve your ongoing content efforts. (THIS IS YOUR FLOW!)

Think about your content and how it supports your business growth. Are you creating just to have something go up? Or are you creating something that will help others get to know you and your business?

Then you need a plan of action to know what you're going to do to get to your goal. All of this should fit into your complete vision for your business growth, and in the early days that also often means managing it yourself - which is okay so long as you've created a plan to support what you are capable of doing. And if you're able to have others support you along the way as team members or outside hires, it's important that you are still knowledgeable about what you want to happen so whomever you work with can fully support your complete vision.

Instead of a complex and unmanageable strategy, pick and choose what marketing efforts you'll focus on at any given time. By doing this, you give yourself a chance to build out your total plan piece by piece, and steadily build up to your vision.

Here's an example of how you can start small and build out your efforts steadily:

  1. A solopreneur is overwhelmed and finds it impossible to keep up with their content, social, and audience engagement.

  2. They decide enough is enough and, with help from Bare, build a functioning strategy that starts getting results.

  3. They start small and focus on evergreen content that moves the needle throughout their business, building their SEO, and giving them something to engage their email list with.

  4. As the health of their business and strategy grows, they free up some time and find more joy in their work.

  5. The more they prosper, the more they can expand their efforts and take on more of their vision.

Remember that follow-through is key to your success in all things marketing and business. 

Pro Tip: While working on your strategy plan, consider how you'll also support your health and well-being. After all, you are the heart of your business.

If you want support in strategizing like a badass, let's connect and create a strategy that is in line with your vision.

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