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Strategizing like a badass! 7 things you need to successfully share your business with the world.

Updated: Nov 13, 2022

So you're ready to build your strategy?!

Great! There's no wrong time to work on creating or refining your plan of action.

Build a strategy that will support you in reaching your goals.

Set yourself up to win by not over-promising yourself. Avoid pitfalls of doubt and frustration by setting up a strategy that you can actually accomplish.

As you get started, remember that follow-through is key to your success.

follow through phrasal verb of follow 1. continue an action or task to its conclusion. "don't promise a reward and then not follow through" Similar: complete

Instead of a complex and unmanageable strategy, pick and choose your efforts and steadily build out your total plan.

Ex. A "soloprenuer" is overwhelmed and finds it impossible to keep up with their content, social, and outreach. They decide enough is enough and, with help from Bare, build a functioning strategy that starts getting results. They start small and focus on evergreen content that moves the needle throughout their business. As the health of their strategy grows, they free up some time and find more joy in their work. The more they prosper, the more they can expand their efforts. They are confident with their business in just 12 weeks with healthy habits for ongoing strategy maintenance.

A healthy habit to develop is consistent check-ins with your business strategy.

I always suggest carving out an hour or two in your calendar at least once a month to review data and analytics. These numbers are a roadmap tool to improve your ongoing efforts.

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To strategize like a badass, you need to consider some key things:

  1. Your business vision

  2. Your personal vision

  3. Your people and what they need

  4. Your data and results

  5. Your content and how it supports your business growth

  6. Your plan and what actions you will take to reach your goals

  7. Your complete vision and how you'll manage it

When you get to know your business and personal vision, your everyday actions can completely align with your goals, needs, and wants.

With a roadmap of data results, you can address the needs of your audience and coordinate your ongoing content. THIS IS YOUR FLOW!

A larger than life word art installation sits on a wooden wall with the word FLOW in view. Two people sit and stand on the letters to show off their massive size.

As you work on your strategy plan, consider how you'll support your own health and well-being.

YOU matter, and when you take care of YOU, you take care of your business and clients.

Ready to get started? I've got you covered.

When you join my free experience, each day's lesson will arrive in your inbox and be less than 10 minutes long. What do you have to lose?

Remember, you got this.

With magic, Christie

Photo credit goes to Aleksandr Neplokhov.

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