Meet Christie

Creative Marketer and Strategy Expert

I do what brings me joy, every day, and that means helping business owners and entrepreneurs from around the world make the most of their marketing efforts.

I've shifted the focus of my work to eagle-eye strategy because it's what I'm really good at. My goal is to help you optimize your operations and connect with your audience. Most importantly I seek to help you engage in healthy habits for creating campaigns and content while making the most of your time and money. 


Marketing is for Everyone!

What Clients Say

"You are really good at what you do. This call came at the perfect time."
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What are you capable of with the right habits and support?

The right processes bring the right progress. I want to help you develop Healthy Marketing Habits that will help you grow now and continue growing into the future.

How Christie got started on her journey.

After studying the fine arts, I stumbled on a job at a local marketing agency, that's where I was introduced to what changed my life forever.


I made the decision to jump all in, taking on every opportunity to learn and grow in the practices that my boss and mentor was sharing. I soaked it up, and I loved it. I grew and grew and wanted to explore more, so I shifted and started working directly with companies and within companies to help them grow.


I always found a lack of fulfillment where I was and the constant frustration and lack of control of the results as I wasn't the decision maker, broke me. I burned out and one day my body had enough. That's when I had to make some scary decisions. I needed to make my work, work for me - so I created Bare Marketing LLC and started my journey to being a full-time small business owner.