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About Bare Marketing

Established in 2021, Bare was created out of a deep desire to help businesses achieve results. 

Meet Christie

Christie had an unexpected start in Marketing after studying the fine arts at the Herron School of Art and Design at IUPUI. She found a beautiful intersection between creativity, psychology, and business that laid the foundation that is now Bare Marketing. Since creating Bare, Christie has served clients in the US, Canada, and Europe, she is an advisor with the Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership and is an expert in their Ask the Expert Events where she speaks on social media marketing, content creation, and growing your digital presence. She attributes her ongoing pursuit of growth and vision for a joyful, peaceful life to her husband, Jorge, and son, Kenda. 

Christie sits in a chair, smiling, wearing a green shirt and holding her son.

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Our Vision & Mission

Our mission is to make marketing more human. We believe that no matter your age or stage in business, you're capable of learning, adapting, and executing marketing that works for you. Through our services, we aim to support you in the areas that you need most.


Our vision is to help business owners establish marketing for their business that works for them, growing their digital footprint steadily through purposeful strategy and planning. Bare hopes to instill in every person they encounter that you don't need a lot to have great marketing. 

Giving Back in Orlando and Beyond

At the core of what Bare does is helping and supporting business owners to be confident and capable in their marketing. In an effort to support our City Beautiful, Christie launched the Bare Giveback Program in 2024. The program is focused on bringing accessible learning and co-working events to the local community. 

In addition to community events, Bare offers services scholarships each quarter to local business owners who want to invest in services with Bare Marketing but don't have the full funding. This is designed to foster growth and eliminate the stress and worry that often comes with figuring out how to get started. 

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