Simplify and Align your Marketing, Business, and Life.

Discover your business voice and optimize your strategy for growth!

Bare Marketing helps you make the most of your marketing efforts with personalized programs and strategies.

Align Your Vision for Business and Life with Strategy.

Establish Healthy Habits to Make Growth Easy

Find Your Voice and Connect with Your People.

Bring Joy and Ease into Your Work-Life Balance.

Programs and Courses to Teach You How.

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The Journey Towards Healthy, Lucrative Marketing Begins with You. One Must Take Action to See Results!

"Thank you so much for your help and insight! I am actually now excited to digitally broadcast my business."

- Andrea, E-Commerce

"Christie was efficient, thorough, and provided high-touch information; I feel so much smarter now."

- Nancy, Property Manager

"I just checked my analytics! Less than a week and my stats are up 100%. You're a badass!"

- Adun, Spiritual Healer

Meet Christie

Creative Marketer and Strategy Expert

I focus on bringing a simple, human approach to Marketing.


By aligning the vision you have for your business and your life, you'll be able to find flow and ease throughout your days. This is the number one thing that changed my life, made time feel more abundant, relieved mounds of stress, and freed my mind. Ideas became clearer, creation became easier, and my client relationships grew stronger.

My coaching and programs will help you develop Healthy Marketing Habits to support your business and your life - plus have fun doing it.


There is no better time than right now to take the next step to expand your success!


Why 'Bare'? What Does It Mean?

Bare is a foundation to what I instill in every client, you don't need a lot to have amazing, stunning, out-of-this-world marketing.

When you focus on your bare healthy core, you strengthen what's most important for your success and grow where you need to most to achieve the next step in your journey. You don't need a ton of people, a huge budget, or a massive technology toolbelt. You just need a strong, healthy core to your marketing.

What Results Can Look Like

Results come in all shapes and sizes, but here are some recent data points that clients have shared after implementing the strategies we've developed together.

Website Traffic and Engagement
  • Average user time on site increased + by 2 minutes and 12 seconds

  • Page views increased + 100%

Engaging Email Marketing
  • 800% increase in new client response rate with strategic campaigns

  • Campaign average open rate increased + by 11%

Positive Customer Feedback
  • 200% increase in positive feedback from active clients

  • 100% increase in survey completion through customer care

New Leads and Clients
  • 100% increase in form fills from organic traffic in 4-weeks

  • 700% increase in new clients 

Google Keyword Rankings
  • 525% increase in ranking Google Keywords in 2-weeks

  • 850% increase in ranking Google Keywords in 6-weeks

Positive Personal Experience
  • 100% of clients report feeling more prepared to engage their audience

  • 100% of clients report feeling relief after consultation

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Meet the FREE Healthy Marketing Habits Experience!

Engage the basics of Bare in a 7-day experience designed for everyone. This is the perfect way to kick-start your interpersonal and professional growth.


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