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Supporting small business owners with marketing strategy and implementation

When your vision and efforts align, growth begins.

How Christie Can Help

Marketing Strategy

Align your vision for business and life with the right strategy for growth. When you're building your presence online, having a strong strategy behind your efforts will help keep you a step ahead of your goals and in line with the needs of your audience. Stategy support available for social media, customer journey, content, web, and email.

Content Creation

Want amazing content for your business? Christie provides done-for-you content for social media, sales materials, digital pitch decks, website content, and blogs designed to grow your SEO. Christie is a natural creative and adaptive to any brand voice, having content support means you have more time to focus on the big stuff.

Coaching and Consultation

Get the expert guidance and accountability you need to grow your business (and marketing) with private, 1:1, support with Christie. Together we can break through building your brand, getting clear on your business voice, identifying your target audience, soloprenuer marketing best practices, web optimization, and more.

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A note from Christie:

The right processes bring the right progress.

If you're wondering if you can have amazing, successful marketing for your business without the stress, I can assure you the answer is YES! I created Bare Marketing to help small business owners align their vision, goals, and strategy to create simple and effective marketing that actually works. Ready to get started?

What Clients Say

"She keeps me on track, her follow through and proactiveness are making 100% improvements to my marketing and she has relieved a ton of stress because I have someone I can count on to take things off my plate - I have never had so much confidence in someone and the trust we established with each other was instant!"
The Journey Towards Healthy, Lucrative Marketing Begins with You. One Must Take Action to See Results!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Christie provides clients with personalized marketing strategy creation and support. When your business has a clear purpose behind its marketing, you stop creating just to create, and instead craft a unique customer experience that cultivates the growth of your business. Together we can tackle any angle of your marketing machine, including:

  • Analyze and optimize current assets.

  • Craft a compelling customer journey strategy.

  • Identify the best ways to utilize your e-mail list with email marketing.

  • Create meaningful content for your website pages and/or blog that are SEO-driven.

  • Curate social media imagery and copy that boosts your brand and connects with your audience.

  • Coaching and consulting for business owners and teams who want to do it themselves.

  • One-time and ongoing project implementation for those who want direct support.


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