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Retargeting: A Tool to Double Your Impact - Psst. It's not just for paid media!

Updated: Nov 13, 2022

When a user experiences something without direct initiation, then one time, they’ve been retargeted.

A dart sticks into a dartboard on the bullseye target.

When you retarget, you're growing a relationship, reminding and gently encouraging viewers to take action.

How can you double your opportunity for Return On Investment (ROI) in Marketing and Advertising? By engaging a strategy that involves retargeting.

According to research by 99firms - ‘Users who are retargeted are 70% more likely to convert.’

So if your Clients see an advertisement more than once, they’re 70% more likely to take advantage of the call-to-action before them.

Embracing this opportunity is effortless and likely available for you within whatever means you are using RIGHT NOW!

Begin by growing an in-house strategy that will multiply your chances of earning new and repeat business.

Step up your retargeting power by sharing the right content at the right time.

Consider what would be valuable to the viewer and time the release of content to entice and remind your audience that they can take a specific action. Please get to know your audience's habits and retarget them in the hours and days they interact with your business to increase the chance of action.

The key to retargeting is having your message firmly ingrained in the viewer’s memory.

Master this skill, and you’ll create an ongoing resource for growth.

Key: Don't fall into the shortcut, cookie-cutter patterns of outreach! Stand out for the right reasons.

Consider how you can share your voice and your value across multiple platforms where they may see you.

  • Email to your list

  • Different social media platforms

  • Various types of content (videos, downloadables, classes, and web)

Connect with Bare Marketing LLC for help expanding and growing your Marketing through retargeting and more!

Photo credit goes to Skitterphoto.

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