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How embracing flow leads to more ease and less stress in business and life.

Updated: Nov 13, 2022

How can you best support yourself and create more ease in your life?

As a solopreneur, there's so much that takes our time and energy every single day.

I get how quickly life can change, which is why I focus and teach other small business owners to make it a point to find FLOW in their business (and life!). ⁠

An areal view of the ocean, with a clear waveline and big whitecaps on the surface of the water.

Here are 3 tips for starting to create flow within your business, particularly in the content you're creating and the voice you share with your audience. ⁠

✨ What are 3 categories or topics that will support your business?⁠

Part of flow is having a clear vision of what you want to share with the world - this is your voice.

When we know what we intend to share and what we want to happen with our actions, we're able to lean into our expertise instead of spinning our wheels and getting nowhere.⁠

These categories or topics should be at your and your business's core. They should be the pillars that support your vision and mission. These are areas where you feel at ease when working and bring you joy to share with others.

Some examples of categories or topics are:

  • Personal storytelling that relates to your purpose, vision, values, and impact.

  • Inspiration that relates to your client's needs, vision, and goals.

  • Value shares that showcase your expertise, your products, or your services

  • Testimonial storytelling that connects your people to your current offerings

  • Client shout-outs that connect your data and wins to the clients' wants and needs

✨ What actions can you take consistently, and how can you make time for this growth in your day-to-day life? ⁠

When you start to make plans of action, be courteous to your own needs. Make sure you have realistic goals and are honest with yourself when it comes to your available time and energy. ⁠This is often where entrepreneurs and small business owners can overextend themselves. Be realistic with your strategy plans, so you set yourself up for success ahead of time.

Small actions yield big results. One of the Healthy Marketing Habits I share in my free program is this exact truth - and it's easy to start building this habit by spending just 15-minutes a day of focused energy on your business growth.

✨ What do you feel? What you do, create, and share should feel good to you.⁠

Take time to check in with yourself regularly. It's important to know how you're feeling so you can best support yourself and give yourself what you need! ⁠

One of the most important parts of my successful growth has been tuning in to my feelings and needs. Tapping into what I enjoy most and feel the best doing has become my business's backbone - making every day feel like I have more time, energy, and focus.

Your healthy habits will become second nature when you work with intent and consistency. ⁠

I know firsthand that building your business is not always rainbows and butterflies. It can be messy, overwhelming, and exhausting... it's okay if you feel this way or have felt this way in the past. The truth is that you can do anything you set your mind to.

As a solopreneur, there's so much that takes our time and energy every single day. ⁠How you support yourself matters.

Ready to step into your fullest potential, embrace your voice, and share your business with the world? Explore my programs and stress-free support for a little boost in blossoming to your fullest potential.

No matter what, stay focused, and your goals will become your new reality.

With joy, Christie

Photo credit goes to Stephanie Hurbie

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