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Creating Healthy Marketing Habits and Finding Your Stride

Updated: Nov 13, 2022

When you start building out marketing, there's a lot that you can consider including.

As you find what really works for your marketing, keep an open mind and try to avoid over-committing to a plan or strategy before you first identify what's important for you and your business growth at this point in time.

Remember your business and journey are different than anyone else's, meaning your plan should be different.

A picture of Christie holding her planner with a floral cover, in front of a blue painting.

Getting inspired by others and growing through guidance and education is super valuable - but ultimately, you are the one who knows what is best for your business and must take hold of the power that you have as the heart of your company.

As you work to align with your ultimate vision, remember that growth takes time. Like going to the gym, you're creating a new healthy body of marketing for your business. That means your entire business, from head to toe, inside and out, becomes stronger, more agile, and more connective with your audience than before.

As you put time and effort into building these healthy habits, you'll find your time and effort come back 10x more as time goes on as you create your ultimate support system with every action you take.

Healthy Marketing Habits look like this:

Actively engaging in social media. This is MORE than just posting content on your own page, it's about listening to your audience, observing the world you're marketing to, and valuably commenting. Make a habit of engaging on the social media platforms that fit your audience daily, even if for just 10-15 minutes.

Listening to your data. What you do takes energy, be sure you're spending that energy wisely by paying attention to what your data says. Your website, social media, and email are three solid data points that you can look at as a roadmap to creating effective and valuable content. Make a habit of checking on your data at least once a week.

Building your content.

Create meaningful content that will help your business grow by curating your own supportive flow, we want to work smart here. Consider first what will build your business understanding and how can this piece of content be used - imagine creating a beautiful, strong piece of content for your website this supports your SEO; how can you actively share that same information through email to engage your direct audience; and then, how will you share pieces of this with your audience online, so they become interested, learn about your business, and ultimately get to know you.

Taking care of you.

As you work to take care of your business, pause and be sure to also take care of yourself. These can be simple things, like drinking plenty of water, resting your mind, reading new books, or taking a rest. Make a habit of taking 15 minutes each morning to check in with yourself; pause and ask, what do I need today to take care of my body and mind?

With our healthy habits, we're creating that foundation for our business growth. We're creating a beautiful network of information for our audience and making it easy for them to get to know you and what you offer.

Ultimately, with our Healthy Marketing Habits, we're working to show up in our best light and in the ideal spaces.

When we show up in the right space, we expose the right people to what we have to say, and when we can reach those people, we can impact them.

The more you practice these types of habits, the easier they will become, and the idea of marketing will not feel so overwhelming - making it easier for you to take action and do what is most important to you.

I'd love to invite you to practice these healthy habits and a few others that I teach every one of my clients in my Free 7-day Healthy Marketing Habits Experience.

If you're looking for more support in your strategy, planning, and execution, please contact me for a free consult; whether you need light support or total support, I'm here to help.

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