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Brainstorming: Get started creating with these 4 questions

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

My first and most important note to anyone growing their business (that's everyone!) - keep a notebook dedicated to our ideas. I call this my idea book.

Your thoughts and ideas matter; you never know when you may feel the spark to create, but how will you reach your goals without a strategy or plan of what you're working towards?

In comes your idea book.

Having a place where you actively brainstorm and work on that creative flow for you and your business is something I suggest every entrepreneur and small business owner commit to.

If you're trying to get started brainstorming, use these 4 questions to guide to get started:

  1. What is happening in your potential client's life right now?

  2. How does what is happening to make them feel?

  3. What need do they have?

  4. How will they feel when their need is met?

Consider your client as a human.

This person will have fluctuating feelings, likes, dislikes, and needs.

Are you able to adapt and meet your client exactly where they are?

Knowing your clients, what they need, and how they feel will help you to reach them - talk to them - and convert them.

You have the ability to impact the lives of your clients, potential clients, and everyday people just like you.

Remember, people will support, trust, and engage with you genuinely because you are coming to them from a place of genuine care, interest, and passion.

Keep your ideas flowing and start creating content based on your new brainstorming sessions.

Tip: Mark the corners of your idea book with a box, and mark/date the box after you execute the idea on that page; that way, when you need a quick idea, you can flip through and see it right in the corner of each page if it's a fresh idea or when you last used it.

These programs include guides to implement lucrative strategies, worksheets, content prompts, and a lot more. If you're not sure where to start, my 7-day Experience is the perfect place to start. Pst - it's free, join today!

Hope to see you around soon ☺️

With gratitude, Christie

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