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About Lucrative Marketing

Christie supports clients in getting clear on their vision, getting confident in their marketing foundations, and sharing their business voice with the world. We'll help you develop the strategies to do the work easily in one-on-one support and intimate group settings.

FREE Healthy Marketing Habits Experience

Connect with what's most important to you and your business and develop new habits to support your ultimate vision.

Christie will lead you through the basics of sprouting your roots and engaging in lucrative marketing.

This free 7-day challenge will prompt you to effectively begin to connect your business with your ideal clients.

**This experience will be closing and only available for Starter Program students soon! Last chance to join free, now!

Working on a Computer
Working Together on Project

Healthy Marketing Habits Starter Program

A simple, 6-week starter program that is designed to help define and develop your business voice, vision, and strategy.


What the basic program includes:

1. The 7 Core Healthy Marketing Habits Masterclass

2. Weekly prompts and exercises straight to your inbox to grow your marketing

3. 4 one-on-one coaching sessions with Christie

4. Guided strategy & approach to help develop your business

Perfect for new or seasoned business owners.

Connect with your audience by aligning your vision for your business and life.

Christie focuses on human-to-human strategies that are results-driven. Here you'll learn to utilize core principles of a successful strategy for competitive analysis, evergreen content, and valuable consumer engagement.
  • Stress-free Support

    Every month
    Weekly Support and Accountability for your Business Growth!
    • Monthly Email Prompts to grow your Healthy Marketing Habits
    • Once a Week Session for Live Support and Accountability
  • Starter Program

    Healthy Marketing Habits Program
    Valid for 6 weeks
    • 5 one-on-one coaching sessions with Christie
    • Weekly Prompts and guidance to Align Your Business and Life
    • Guided strategy & approach to help develop your business
Program Signup

Flexibility and follow-through are key for success.

If you're in need of light support, consider joining my Stress-Free Support Program with a once weekly support and accountability session, plus bi-weekly prompts to help grow your business.

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You don't need a lot to have great marketing. Start working with intention and see your growth with new eyes.

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