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Make marketing work for you with actions that support your vision.

FREE Healthy Marketing Habits Experience

Connect with what's most important to you and your business and develop new habits to support your ultimate vision.

Christie will lead you through the basics of sprouting your roots and engaging in lucrative marketing.

This free 7-day challenge will prompt you to effectively begin to connect your business with your ideal clients.

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Working Together on Project

Starter Healthy Marketing Habits Program

A simple, 6-week starter program that is designed to expand and implement the basics shared in the free 7-day experience.

Take your content plan, drafted during the Healthy Habits Experience, and implement it with Christie's guidance. OR bring whatever you're working on right now and get expert advice and support to continue your momentum.


What the basic program includes:

1. The Expanded Healthy Habits Course: Weekly exercises to grow your healthy foundation, great for any marketing strategy

2. Open studio hours, once a week, for you to come and work on your plan and vision with Christie

3. One coaching session with Christie

Perfect for new-ish business owners.

Advanced Healthy Marketing Habits Program

Align your business and life with actionable strategies tailored for small businesses and entrepreneurs.


Advanced Monthly Marketing Program includes: 

1. Weekly Prompts to support the ongoing alignment of your business and life.

2. Weekly Open-Studio session to grow whatever you have going in your business.

3. Weekly Mindset and Accountability session to stay on track.

4. Monthly Sales Incubator

5. Monthly Content Incubator

This program is perfect for moderate to experienced business owners.

Confident Woman

Connect with your audience by aligning your vision for your business and life.

Christie focuses on human-to-human strategies that are results-driven. Here you'll learn to utilize core principles of a successful strategy for competitive analysis, evergreen content, and valuable consumer engagement.
  • Stress-free Support

    Every month
    Weekly Support and Accountability for your Marketing Growth!
     14 day free trial
    • Bi-Monthl Email Prompts to grow your Healthy Marketing Habit
    • Weekly Group Sessions for Live Support and Accountability
  • Starter Program

    Healthy Habits 6-week Expansion (One time program)
    Valid for 6 weeks
    • Weekly Office Hour on Tuesdays to Help Grow Your Marketing
    • Weekly Prompts and guidance to Align Your Business and Life
  • Advanced Program

    Every month
    Bi-weekly Marketing Growth Support with live guidance.
    • Mindset and Accountability Session every Monday
    • Open Office Hour to Align your Growth every Thursday
    • Monthly Content Incubator
    • Monthly Sales Incubator
    • Weekly Prompts to Align Your Business and Life

Flexibility and follow-through are key for success.

If you're in need of light support, consider joining my Stress-Free Support Program with a once weekly support and accountability session, plus bi-weekly prompts to help grow your business.

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With Programs from Bare, You'll Lay the Foundation for Lucrative Marketing.