Expand Your Healthy Habits with the 6-week Starter Program

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Put your plan and vision into action with this personalized experience from Christie. 

You don't have to do it alone! 

I'll support you to create your best work and get results with weekly open-studio hours to build out your plan, create materials, and practice your habits. 

The Healthy Marketing Habits Starter Program Focuses on 3 Principles:

Implementing Your Vision

Put your plan and habits into action. I want to see you success, so I've crafted this expansion to provide a daily practice to further deepen your vision, plan, and business practices.

Supporting Yourself

YOU matter! I want you to feel GREAT when working on your business. I focus on bringing a human touch to your everyday efforts to reignite your passions, free up your time, and lower your stress.

Understanding Results and Adapting

Don't just create something and leave it at the starting line, follow-through with a healthy knowledge of how to adapt and pivot based on your results.

Imagine what your life will look like with direct support in implementing new goals, new content, and new communications with your audience?

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Join the Healthy Marketing Habits Starter Program Now!

This expanded experience rate is $227 and includes:

  • Weekly content creation and thought pattern prompts to grow your healthy habits

  • 6-weeks of support with weekly 1-hour open-studio time to bring your business work and get advice from Christie live 

  • One private coaching session from Christie 


When you join, you'll be able to book your coaching session and claim your seats in the weekly open-studio time! 

"This is f****** amazing, Christie."

"When you start speaking at live events, I'll be there. You're a motivational speaker and business coach wrapped into one!"

"I got 3 new clients after starting my refreshed strategy, I am stoked about this!"